Last Mile for BoP is an early stage profit-for-purpose social business which aim is to distribute life-changing products and services to the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) market, the poor living in townships and rural areas with less than 4$ a day.

Many products and services are available to tackle poverty issues. But the impact of these innovations is limited in scale mainly because each organisation that distribute these products and services attempt to build its own independent distribution network. It is too difficult and costly to develop a scalable last mile distribution channel for just a few products and services.

Last Mile for BoP aims to build a cost effective last mile distribution channel by partnering with all existing networks (from post services to dairy, from micro-finance institutions to trash collectors, etc.) and distributing a very large range of best in class cost-saving and income-generating products and services (solar lamps, solar mobile phone chargers, clean cook stoves, sanitary pads, fortified food, water filters, basic health services, training, etc.).

In addition, Last Mile for BoP plans to replicate turn-key sustainable social projects with proven track record for municipalities or industrial parks to equip poor communities with clinics, toilet blocks, and decentralized energy plants.

​We are committed to reinvest the majority of our profits in developing further our social mission and improving the social impact of our project.